Tips for Roof Restoration

Have you noticed any leaks following the heavy rains this winter ? Has your roof not been checked in 10 years ? You must be wondering if this is the right time to Roof Restoration. Amazing Roof Restoration explains everything you need to know to make the right choices!

Why Roof Restoration?

Review the tightness of the house

The restoration of the roof will allow you to ensure the total watertightness of your house and put you in shelter for many years . Porosity of the roof, broken tiles, drilled gutters … these are the reasons that can push you to start work!

We draw your attention to the following point: it is strongly recommended to call on a professional like Amazing Roof Restoration to establish a diagnosis of the existing structure. Indeed, our professionals sometimes discover during our technical study of defective beams or attacked by termites, xylophagous insects or fungi, which can call into question the solidity of your roof. It is therefore essential to carry out a renovation of the frame .

Change the appearance

Did you know that your old Roof Restoration project can be an opportunity to change the look of your home? Amazing Roof Restoration supports you in making the right choices based on:

  • the slope of your roof
  • the climate (sunshine, precipitation rate, etc.)
  • local architectural rules
  • the PLU of your place of residence

Depending on all these parameters, we will define together the work to be considered, the roofing materials to be favored (terracotta, concrete, slate … flat roof tile, Romanesque, with strong or weak curve …) as well as their color …

The different types of cover: choosing the right material

If tile and slate are the most used materials for roofing, other alternatives are possible , and in particular to use glass, wood, zinc, slate or thatch. The trend is also towards the green roof which, in addition to a very aesthetic rendering, requires little maintenance. The only constraint? Have a flat roof.

Roof Restoration: when insulation becomes compulsory

A poorly insulated roof is responsible for 30% of energy loss in a house . This is why, since January 1, 2017, the performance of thermal insulation work is mandatory when you replace at least 50% of the coverage of your home. These works, called “on-board works”, can take several forms:

1. Exterior insulation
Before installing the roofing elements (tiles, slates, etc.), the operation consists of having insulating panels on the frame . It is the most efficient solution (absence of thermal bridge, perfect sealing) … but also the most expensive.

2. Insulation from the inside
If your budget does not allow it, you can always opt for good roof insulation by proceeding to a conventional insulation under crawlers : the insulation panels are installed under the slopes of the roof then covered with a sealing film and finally plasterboard for finishing.

3. Insulation of lost roof spaces
If your attic is not fitted out, the alternative solution to insulating the roof is insulating the attic which consists of unrolling insulation in the form of panels on the attic floor or by projecting loose insulation on the attic floor. These two solutions are inexpensive and can complement one of the other techniques.

What budget should be spent on renovating a roof?

On average, restoring a roof costs between 300 and 500 € per m² , but many factors can influence the price of your work (upwards or downwards): the choice of materials, the surface to be covered, the age of the building. 'existing…

State aid to finance your work

Who says renovation of the roof of a house, says improvement of the energy performance of your home … and therefore state aid to finance your work! Eco-loan, tax credit … the devices are numerous!

Focus on specific restoration projects

Roof Restoration terrace

Poor rainwater flow, infiltration … When we talk about a roof terrace renovation, the main question is that of waterproofing . Indeed, after a few years, it is likely that you will have to re-seal your flat roof. If the most effective way to resolve your waterproofing problems is to replace the roof completely, it is also possible to extend its service life by a few years via coating.

You have questions ? Let's talk about it together during a free and non-binding pre-work visit !

Roof Restoration a fiber cement roof (asbestos)

The renovation of a fiber cement asbestos roof requires special care. Highly carcinogenic, asbestos is only dangerous if your roof is damaged . To Roof Restoration, it will be necessary to completely remove the roof or cover it with a specific coating to prevent asbestos leaks. For that, it is imperative to call upon a specialized company which will be able to proceed without being exposed and which will be able to manage the evacuation of asbestos plates!

Repairing the roof of a house, do not venture there alone

If there is a work project that does not support amateurism, it is the Roof Restoration (especially if it is the restoration of an old roof). No need to risk playing the balancing act in height by wanting to Roof Restoration yourself, our seasoned professionals are there for that .

Going through Amazing Roof Restoration for your old house repair project , stone farm renovation , barn rehabilitation , farmhouse renovation … you are guaranteed that your site will be well taken care of. Our local project manager is by your side throughout your home restoration project : from the study of the existing to the reception of the work, including the preparation of files to benefit from state aid . Amazing Roof Restoration also guarantees you the price and the deadlines for carrying out your work by contract. So what could be safer to Roof Restoration?

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