Maintenance Of Automatic Garage Doors

The maintenance of automatic garage doors is basic to not suffer unexpected, whether an individual or communal garage. Keeping the automatic garage door in good condition allows the garage to be sealed, favoring its safety at all times.

As we reviewed in previous blog, there are four types of automatic garage door, all of them receive a very similar maintenance, because the mechanisms are similar. Whether it is sectional, tilting, rolling or pre-lifting automatic garage doors, it is essential to carry out continuous maintenance, avoiding investing large amounts of money in the medium or long term in case of breakdown.

Automatic garage door maintenance begins from the moment of installation. Once installed, review the following aspects:

  • Water tightness.
  • Wind resistance.
  • Opening system
  • General stability

Once we verify that the automatic garage door is properly installed, it is necessary to perform some regular maintenance.

Correct maintenance of automatic garage doors

Next, we review several essential actions for the maintenance of automatic garage doors and their correct operation.

  • It is necessary to check the friction components from time to time, lubricating them regularly, in this way we reduce their wear greatly. It is not necessary the presence of a technician to lubricate these areas, in fact it is very easy to perform and we ensure the proper functioning of the mechanical automatic garage door.
  • Hinges and slides are very delicate elements, which also withstand a great force with each movement. Do not forget to add oils in each of these elements, it may not be important at first, but in the long term it will be essential for its proper functioning.
  • Ensures the tightness of the control panels. The tightness refers to all exterior elements that may damage the proper functioning of the entire system. Issues such as water, insects and other small animals present in garages can damage the control panel mechanism. The best thing to protect this external part to the automatic garage door itself is to locate a protector, just a box as you protect the panel.
  • Finally, a component that must also be reviewed are the guides that allow the proton to open. Regardless of the type of the automatic garage door, the guides suffer due to the friction and the weight they support, keep it clean and clear, in this way you will avoid blockages in the operation of the automatic garage door.

These are some steps that you must follow for the proper functioning of automatic garage doors, if you have any questions about the subject you can leave your questions on our blog.

The controls for automatic garage doors are an essential element to guarantee security in a parking lot. Its correct maintenance and use prevents outside persons from accessing the interior of the garage, so it is advisable to periodically check its status. In this post we review some recommendations about the controls for automatic garage doors.

Controls for automatic garage doors, how to strengthen security

  • Garage controls are usually very simple devices for opening remote automatic garage doors. They usually have two buttons that open and close the automatic garage door, a very simple system that prevents us from leaving the vehicle to access or leave the parking lot.
  • A basic recommendation is to make sure the automatic garage door is closed. We must not lose sight of the access while the automatic garage door is moving, if we do, we leave a few seconds for anyone outside to access the parking lot.
  • Always keep the battery in good condition and with the correct charge. The controls do not stop working suddenly, little by little they are losing efficiency, which indicates that the battery begins to be discharged. If you notice any signal, change the battery immediately.
  • There are many different closing systems, today we can even access our garage by opening the automatic garage door from the mobile phone. Choose the device that best suits your needs.
  • Do not leave the control exposed to the sun for many hours, this can cause your mechanism to suffer damage due to high temperatures.
  • Clean the control regularly with a dry cloth, so you will prevent dust from accumulating on its surface, this can also cause malfunctions.
  • Do not leave the remote in sight in the car, in fact it is preferable that the remote always goes with you and is not inside the vehicle, if someone removes it you will have the possibility of accessing our garage without a trace.
  • Prevents the control from being in especially humid spaces. Moisture can also damage circuits that allow the remote control to work.

Here are some recommendations to maintain and use automatic garage door controls safely. As you can see, it is not only important to keep it in good condition, we must also try to make responsible use, preventing people outside our car park from accessing its interior.

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