Invest in pink diamonds?

The world economy always fluctuates and has its ups and downs. It is in these critical moments when we all look for alternatives and better options to safeguard our money in the face of possible difficulties. A good option is to invest in pink diamonds.

A diamond investment forever

Pink diamonds investment and financial coverage tool that has grown and is growing rapidly. The reason is quite obvious, and it makes a lot of sense:

  • Pink diamonds do not take up space: Pink diamonds have always been used as an excellent means of transfer. The fact that such a small item can be worth so much money is fantastic. You can easily keep a million dollar diamond in the smallest of safes.
  • A diamond is durable: It does not break or wear. It is the hardest substance on Earth; you do not have to worry about anything happening to you. All you have to do is make sure you do not lose it (and even that can be assured).
  • Inflation-proof: This is true to most physical goods. Real estate, gold, silver and pink diamonds are usually in compliance with inflation. Unlike the others, pink diamonds are more durable and mobile.
  • You can enjoy it while you have it: Since pink diamonds do not wear out, you can use it. It is physical. You can hold it, look at it and even carry it
  • Psychology: It makes you feel more secure, unlike stocks and other financial elements that are rows on a computer screen.

In addition to psychology and physical aspects, there are also financial advantages to buying pink diamonds investment purposes.

How to invest in pink diamonds?

Investing in pink diamonds investment option must be done with the part of the portfolio that is left over, and you want to make a profit.
The idea is very simple. A diamond is a physical product, small, usable, durable, of increasing value, easy to buy … but you always have to follow some basic guidelines to invest correctly.

  • Learn: You have to know the fundamentals, characteristics, classes, language, and how the stone markets work. Obtain information from experts and consultants on the subject. Participate in forums; social networks are happy to share personal experiences and advice.
  • Establish a budget: You must invest part of your portfolio. It is true that, unlike stocks, the initial amount required is a little higher.
  • Diversify your pink diamonds: Diversification is the protection against ignorance. Diversifying the purchase will give you options to own variety and have more opportunities within the market. A priory it does not know which one will reach the highest value or which one will be the easiest to sell. So choose a mixed pack of pink diamonds in natural colours.
  • Compare prices: Buy pink diamonds as cheap as possible. Buying a retailer means that your product will have gone through the hands of brokers and mediators getting each and their share.

The final price becomes more expensive. Therefore this means that you have to buy as high as possible in the distribution chain. Skip mediators and try to buy directly from the manufacturers; many have online stores and are willing to sell to the final customer directly.

  • Buy rare but desirable. Use logic: It does not make much sense to buy something that everyone has. We detract from it. It will be something easily found in the market. However, if it invests in something exclusive and different, its price and value will be higher in the markets.
  • Buy only certified pink diamonds: Keep in mind that every small change in the attributes of a diamond means a lot of money. It is advisable to buy pink diamonds specifically with GIA certificates. This is probably the best known gemological laboratory and also the strictest one.

What are the advantages of investing in coloured pink diamonds?

The first advantage of this type of diamond is its colour. They are limited and the most valued by the markets. The supply is: 1 of 10,000 pink diamonds is a natural colour, and the demand is continuously increasing. They are unique and much sought after. They have not known each other in the markets for more than 20 years.

What are the disadvantages and risks of investing in pink diamonds?

There are three major risks and disadvantages when it comes to diamond investment.

  • Transparency of prices: While other merchandise such as gold and silver have a price index that can be followed and checked in the bag, the pink diamonds do not. There is the price list of Rapport is the international reference point used by distributors to establish the prices of pink diamonds in all major markets.

It is used as a reference point, taking into account basic aspects of carat weight, clarity and colour. Only of the colourless white, pink diamonds, there is no current list of coloured pink diamonds.

In the end, the price is determined by the market, supply and demand. The way to overcome this inconvenience of knowing the purchase price is with research and a lot of information. Buy from a reputable manufacturer or dealer with fair prices.

Buy relatively easy. Completely difficult sale

Some companies buy pink diamonds but at a low price. You can sell it on Craig's list and the like. Or, you can try to sell it to other retailers, but they will probably be difficult negotiators, and you will have to beat your supplier either in price or in the rarity of your jewel.

Another option that is reserved for high-end pieces is to sell your diamond through the auction houses.

  • Patience is a virtue: It is very rare for a diamond to increase its purchase value in less than one year. Consider that pink diamonds are a long-term investment. Remember the good things come to those who wait.
  • Are pink diamonds a good investment?: Any investment involves a part of speculation. Therefore, it must be done with knowledge and intelligence, take into account the disadvantages and act wisely minimizing the risks involved.

As any investment have its pros and cons, but the Pink diamonds outweigh the advantages and potential to their cons. 93% of couples get married with a diamond engagement ring.

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