Mayur Bhatt
Mayur Bhatt
Mayur Bhatt on e 27
Entrepreneur, influencer, content writer, author and contributor
Birth Date: 27-Feb-1991
Birth Place: Ahmedabad
Education: Diploma iin programming and webpage designing
Occupation: SEO Adviser
Twitter: mayurbhattit
Personal Data
Real Name: Mayur
Known Aliases: Shiv
Age: 28 Years
Biographical Data
Nationality: Indian
Base of Operations: Ahmedabad
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Abilities
Social media, seo, webpages desiging
  • Google analytics academy
  • Microsoft virtual academy
  • Hp life
  • Facebook blueprint

Mayur Bhatt

Mayur Bhatt is A passionate freelancer with over 3 years experience working in SEO and SMO. he loves to work in a challenging environment that inspires continuous knowledge and creativity provides exposure to new ideas and stimulates personal and professional growth, and Believe in continuous learning and possesses an innovative approach.1

Early life

Mayur Bhatt was born in 27-Feb-1991, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He Completed his school and diploma in Ahmedabad. His father Jigneshkumar Bhatt was a peon in a bank. and his mother is a school teacher. After completed diploma in webpage designing, he started work at SEO companies.

Achievements and certifications

  • Google analytics academy
  • Microsoft virtual academy
  • Hp life
  • Facebook blueprint2
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